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Stakeholder Workshop - 12 June 2014 - Brussels

On 12th June 2014, the Lead Partner of the BALTIC BIRD project, the Ministry of Economics and European Affairs of the Region Brandenburg, invited to a stakeholder workshop at the Representation of the Land Brandenburg to the EU in Brussels.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the role of air transport as a key in the development and accessibility of European regions with the European Commission and other regions that are not part of the project.

More than 30 partners from the BALTIC BIRD project and experts from regional offices and stakeholders met to discuss the results and the draft of the project's political recommendations presented by Dr Oliver Boldt and Dr Olaf Zeike from Universal Transport Consulting GmbH.

Dr Olaf Zeike stressed that only regional air connections can connect remote regions with the national and international centres of economic activity in a sustainable, efficient and fast way.

The workshop ended with a panel discussion on the topic. Gabor Nagy from the European Commission (DG Move), Gianluca Comuniello from the Committee of the Regions, and Dr Olaf Zeike, along with the workshop's participants, discussed the recommendations and the future role of regional airports in the European transport system.

Gabor Nagy paid tribute to the project and the results, which are a valuable contribution to the discussion on European level.

Gianluca Comuniello appreciated that the project stressed the importance of regional airports for the development of remote areas. The recommendations are fully in line with the communication of the Committee of the Regions on State Aid and Airlines.

The BALTIC BIRD partners  and the Committee of the Regions pointed out that is has to be considered that there are some airports that play a crucial role as a service of general interest in the regions and are not in a competition with other airports.

The panelists and the participants agreed that for several airports in the BALTIC BIRD partnership and beyond a full cost coverage, even after a transition period, is not likely. The consequences of this foreseeable situation must be discussed in the future.

The panel discussion demonstrated that the project's results offer good opportunities for future discussions with the European Commission regarding the partner regions.



Registration and Coffee

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10:30 Welcome Note

Michael Brentrup, Representation of the Land Brandenburg to the EU

10:40 Presentation of BALTIC BIRD and the project's results

Dr Oliver Boldt, Universal Transport Consulting GmbH

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11:00 Presentation of the political recommendations of BALTIC BIRD

Dr Olaf Zeike, Universal Transport Consulting GmbH

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11:30 Panel Discussion

Gabor Nagy, European Commission, DG Move

Gianluca Comuniello, Committee of the Regions, COTER-Secretariat

Dr Olaf Zeike, Universal Transport Consulting GmbH

together with the participants of the workshop

12:30 Continuation of the talks while taking a snack

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